Your WhatsApp display picture says a lot about your personality. For girls, choosing the right DP that represents their style and attitude is important. A good profile picture enhances your online presence and makes an impression on your contacts. Here are some tips to choose the best and most stunning WhatsApp DP for girls.

The first and most important thing is choosing a picture that reflects your personality. Don’t just pick any random image off the internet. Your DP should represent your unique style and characteristics. For example, if you are bubbly and fun-loving, pick a cute fun image. If you are serious, go for an elegant photo.

Secondly, pick an image with you in it. A DP with your face is more personal than a random landscape or animal picture. Make sure it is a high-quality, well-lit, close-up photo of your face. Check that your face is clearly visible and not hidden.

Having said that, you can be creative too. Cute cartoon versions of your photos also make quirky WhatsApp DPs. There are some amazing apps to turn your selfies into cartoons or sketches.

The next important thing is to pick an image that is appropriate. Do not pick anything that is vulgar or offensive as your profile photo. Keep in mind that it is visible to all your contacts on WhatsApp.

Now let’s look at some specific DP ideas and styles for girls:

What are some stylish WhatsApp DPs for girls?

There are many stylish options girls can pick as their WhatsApp DP to look trendy and stand out from the crowd. Here are some ideas:

  • Flower crown – Floral and flower crown photos make for pretty and feminine DPs. They depict freshness and grace. You can take a selfie wearing a flower crown or use an app.
  • Face close-up – Go for a face close-up shot focusing on your eyes or smile. Make sure the light is flattering. It makes your DP look magazine cover worthy.
  • Black and white portrait – B&W portraits look very classy and artsy. Use photo editing apps to turn your best selfies black and white. They show sophistication.
  • Pop art – Pop art filtered images with bright colors look fun and quirky. Apps like Candy Camera can make your photo look pop artsy in one click.
  • Hair flip – Capture your luscious locks with a dramatic hair flip. Keep your face partly visible for mystique. It shows your bold avatar.

What are some creative WhatsApp DP ideas for girls?

Unleash your creativity and use imaginative images and edits as your WhatsApp DP. Here are some creative ideas for girls:

  • Use apps like Bitmoji to make a cartoon avatar of yourself. You can customize the look – really fun!
  • Pick an inspiring or funny quote and add your selfie to it. Quotes appeal to the soul.
  • Collages of multiple photos also make interesting DPs. Showcase your various moods.
  • Use PicMonkey to combine your selfie with pictures of your favorite things – food, flowers, etc.
  • Take silhouette shots against colorful backgrounds and sunsets for dramatic shadows.
  • Edit patterns, shapes, or textures into your photos for unique effects.
  • Use Prisma app to transform your pic into artistic styles – abstract, graphic art, pencil sketch etc.
  • Click polaroids of your best looks and edit them with retro filters.

What type of WhatsApp DP should a girl avoid?

While picking a DP, there are certain types of photos girls should refrain from using to avoid sending the wrong impression. Here are some tips:

  • Avoid selfies with cluttered backgrounds. A clean backdrop is best.
  • Do not pick blurry, grainy or poorly lit photos where you cannot be seen clearly.
  • Avoid seductive, bold or revealing photos as your profile picture.
  • Do not use group photos as your DP. The focus should be on you.
  • Stay away from using filters that distort your face shape or features.
  • Do not pick sad, depressed or moody looking selfies as your DP.
  • Avoid images with rude hand gestures or symbols that can offend others.
  • Steer clear of using too much cleavage or skin show in your display pic.
  • Do not use old outdated photos where you cannot be recognized easily.

The best way to choose a suitable and wise DP is to pick something that aligns with your personality and the impression you want to create. Stay classy and elegant.

What type of WhatsApp DP attracts boys the most?

While girls are free to express themselves on WhatsApp, if you wish to catch the attention of boys, here are some DP ideas that can help grab their eyeballs:

  • Cute selfies – An adorable selfie with a smile steals the show. Avoid seductive pouts.
  • Funny or witty images – Showcase your goofy or humorous side with funny images or memes.
  • Trendy photos – Fashionable images in stylish outfits or poses attract guys.
  • Outdoor shots – Pics of you having fun activities – travel or sports – makes guys swipe right.
  • Minimal makeup – Flaunt your natural beauty by posting selfies with minimal or no makeup.
  • Artistic photos – Boys find creative photos very appealing and intriguing.
  • Pet selfie – Posing with a cute pet shows your affectionate side.

Ultimately be yourself, not someone you are not. Do not post provocative images just for attention. Stay authentic.

What WhatsApp DP is best for attitude?

Girls who wish to depict a bold and confident attitude on WhatsApp can pick an attitude-showing DP. Here are some ideas:

  • Black and white portrait looking intently into the camera shows your fierce spirit.
  • Sitting on a throne or chair shows power and authority.
  • Picture overlooking scenery from a height reveals your supremacy.
  • Looking away from camera shows your carefree and rebellious nature.
  • Pose sitting on a bike or car indicates your passion for adventure.
  • Standing with hands on hips or crossing your arms displays sass.
  • Minimal makeup with sunglasses on says you are glamorous yet unattainable.
  • Having a serious expression rather than smiling looks nonchalant.
  • Images in all black outfits show you are mysterious and intriguing.

The key is to find images that depict your strong personality. Choose photos against edgy backdrops and use bold photo editing effects. Do not use vulgar poses.

What quotes are good for WhatsApp DP?

Adding inspirational or funny quotes to your WhatsApp DP is a trendy idea. Quotes that motivate or make people laugh look cool. Here are some ideas:

  • “She believed she could, so she did.” – Powerful quote for strong-minded girls.
  • “She’s got that glow.” – Depicts your sparkling personality.

– “Boss babe in heels.” – Says you are career-focused and ambitious.

  • “Cherish the crazy moments.” – Shows off your fun side.
  • “Okay, but first coffee.” – Relatable quote for all coffee lovers.
  • “She left a little dazzle wherever she went.” – Describes your stunning aura.
  • “Don’t be like the rest of them, darling.” – Quirky quote to stand out from the crowd.
  • “Stay weird.” – Embrace your uniqueness and quirks.

Pick short impactful quotes in stylish fonts that convey your attitude or beliefs. Make sure the text is readable on your photo.

Do boys like mirror selfies on WhatsApp DP?

Mirror selfies on WhatsApp DP are a controversial choice. Some boys find them attractive while others do not like them. Here is a breakdown of pros and cons:


  • Shows confidence to post your own pictures.
  • Gives a full view of your outfit and style.
  • Can make your legs look longer and slimmer.
  • Depicts your glamorous side right from home.


  • Can come across as trying too hard to look perfect.
  • Lighting is often not very flattering.
  • Shows the cluttered background of your room which may not look classy.
  • Posing can look artificial.

The key is to pick mirror selfies that look natural, where you are smiling genuinely and not trying too hard. Ensure background is tidy. Use natural light from windows. Avoid seductive poses. Then it can work!


Choosing the right WhatsApp DP is key to making a good impression on your contacts. For girls, pick something stylish yet elegant that represents your personality in a positive light. Stay away from inappropriate images.

Use your creativity to stand out with artsy and innovative photos. Personalize with quotes and edit effects. Update it regularly for a fresh look. Ultimately your DP should showcase your best self so pick wisely!

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