Setting a display picture (DP) is a common practice on social media platforms like Whatsapp. For Muslim girls, choosing an appropriate DP that aligns with Islamic principles can be challenging.

There are differing opinions on whether Islamic girl DPs are allowed in Islam. This article will explore some key considerations around using Islamic girl DPs on WhatsApp.

The permissibility of using a girl’s photo as a DP depends on the interpretation of Islamic principles about women’s modesty and privacy.

Many scholars argue that displaying a girl’s photo publicly goes against the Quranic guidelines for modest hijab and appropriate gender interaction.

Posting profile pictures on social media makes them viewable to non-mahram men, which Islamic teachings generally prohibit.

However, other scholars contend that posting a headshot photo within Islamic dress code does not breach modesty. The photo’s visibility can be controlled via privacy settings.

As long as the DP photo is not meant to attract attention from men or promote vain purposes, its use may be permissible.

What are some Islamic guidelines about women’s photos?

Islamic teachings emphasize modesty and privacy for women. Here are some key principles about women’s photos in Islam:

  • Women should not display their beauty or body parts in front of non-mahram men. Wearing hijab that covers the hair, neck, and body is mandatory in front of non-mahram men.
  • Women’s photos should not be used for vain purposes like displaying beauty or attracting men’s gaze. Photos should focus on righteousness and modesty.
  • Sharing personal photos with non-mahram men is prohibited, as it can lead to fitna (temptation) and promiscuity.
  • Private photos of women should be protected from unauthorized circulation. Their privacy and dignity must be safeguarded.

So Islamic guidelines generally prohibit using personal photos of women for public display, especially if they do not conform to hijab. Scholars differ on whether profile pictures can follow these principles.

Are Islamic girl DPs allowed on WhatsApp if set to private?

Many scholars prohibit uploading women’s photos as Whatsapp DPs even if privacy settings are enabled. Once uploaded online, photos risk getting leaked or misused.

But some contemporary scholars allow Islamic DPs if visibility is restricted using Whatsapp’s privacy settings.

With settings like ‘My Contacts’ or ‘Nobody,’ only approved contacts can view the DP. This prevents general public access.

As long as the DP shows only the face, adheres to hijab, and is not meant for vain display or attracting men, its private usemay be permitted. But generalized public display of women’s photos as DPs is prohibited by most scholars.

What are some tips for choosing an Islamic girl DP?

Here are some tips to select an Islamic DP that aligns with modesty guidelines:

  • Choose a photo that only shows the face. Do not use photos that show other body parts like hands, hair, neck, etc. Stick to a headshot picture.
  • Wear proper hijab in the photo. Cover your hair, neck, and bosom fully with a headscarf. Avoid stylish or eye-catching hijabs.
  • Do not wear make-up or jewelry that attracts attention. Keep make-up minimal.
  • Use a neutral facial expression rather than a smiling photo.
  • Use a pure background like a mosque rather than a party or modern background.
  • Pick an ID photo or cropped family photo to ensure modesty. Selfies may not be suitable.
  • Set visibility to ‘My Contacts’ or ‘Nobody’. Limit public visibility of your DP.

Following these guidelines can help Muslim girls choose an Islamic DP that upholds modesty.

What are some Islamic alternatives to DPs with girl’s photos?

If avoiding upload of personal photos, some Islamic alternatives for DPs include:

  • Quranic verses or Hadith texts conveying good messages
  • General Islamic images like mosques, prayer mats, or Holy Kaaba
  • Islamic calligraphy of Allah’s names or inspirational phrases
  • Nature images like flowers, skies, mountains that reflect Allah’s creations
  • No photo at all. Keep the default silhoutte or icon DP.

Girls can be creative in choosing modest DP options that align with Islamic values. This maintains privacy while showcasing their Islamic personality and faith on Whatsapp.

What do scholars say about saving number with girl’s photo?

Saving a girl’s photo alongside her mobile number is also debated by scholars. Some prohibit it as an unnecessary display of women’s photos on personal devices.

But others allow it in situations like:

  • Photo is required to identify the contact from many numbers.
  • It is saved secretly and not shown to others.
  • Photo does not attractive or immodest.
  • Girl’s mahram like father has permitted it.
  • Contact is in urgent need, like for work or treatment.

So permissibility depends on necessity, purpose and context. Saving contacts discreetly after mahram’s approval may be permissible in some cases. But public display of female contacts with photos is prohibited.

Is using an Islamic girl DP necessary for Muslim girls?

While an Islamic DP is recommended, especially on public platforms, it is not an absolute obligation according to many scholars. Some key points to consider:

  • Hijab and modesty are mandatory virtues for Muslim girls. But profile photos are a modern phenomenon not directly addressed in classical rulings.
  • Scholars differ on whether DP photos fall under satr (parts that must be covered). So there is flexibility allowed.
  • Using Islamic DPs is praiseworthy as it propagates faith. But if difficulty arises, it is not mandatory.
  • Improper usage of photos is prohibited strictly. But DPs may not directly link to those sins.
  • Intentions matter more than outward image. An improper photo with good intentions is better than vice versa.

So while Islamic DPs are certainly encouraged, they are not absolute legal obligations. Wisdom, discretion and good intentions matter most for Muslim girls online.


Islamic girl DPs on Whatsapp require balancing modesty guidelines with modern technology. While scholars differ in their exact rulings, discretion and righteousness should inform decisions.

Seeking family guidance, limiting public visibility of photos and focusing on values over appearances can help choose suitable Islamic DPs.

Modesty, inner purity and positive impact on society are higher objectives for Muslim girls to focus on.

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