Your WhatsApp profile defines your personality. For those in love, the DP is an opportunity to express your romantic side to your partner. Cute love images and photos with your beloved make ideal WhatsApp DPs. They showcase your affection beautifully.

When in love, you wish to declare it to the world. Setting a romantic WhatsApp DP that includes your partner is the modern way to do it. It signifies you are committed, happy and proud to be with your loved one.

A cute love DP sparks up your WhatsApp profile and makes your lover feel special. Here are some ideas to pick the best love WhatsApp DP.

What are some cute love WhatsApp DPs?

There are many cute options to choose from for your love-filled WhatsApp DP. Here are some ideas:

  • Photo of you and your partner hugging or holding hands. Crop it aesthetically.
  • Sweet selfie of you and bae smiling happily. Shows carefree joy.
  • Picture kissing your lover on the cheeks. Depicts your romantic moments.
  • Image of you both laughing together conveys your wonderful chemistry.
  • Artistic black and white or silhouette photo of you two looking into each other’s eyes. Thoughtful vibe.
  • Cartoon or caricature artwork of you with your beloved, holding a love-you heart. Quirky and cute.
  • Collage of your best couple pics – wedding, travel, or just selfies. Showcases memorable times.

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” – Cute quote on you and bae’s photo conveys togetherness.

What makes a love WhatsApp DP cute?

Certain elements make a romance WhatsApp DP look cute and loveable. These include:

  • Genuine smiles showing your joy
  • Playful expressions – laughter, eskimo kisses, hugging
  • Natural close moments rather than posed photos
  • Sweet quotes or text about love
  • Fun doodles like hearts, roses, lips, etc.
  • Warm Filters – black and white, vintage, pinkish tones
  • Blurred backgrounds to create dreamy effect
  • Cartoon edits of your pic together
  • Candids capturing unfiltered affection
  • Complementary outfits or color tones

Focus on authentic displays of love rather than overly curated images for an endearing effect.

What should couples avoid in a WhatsApp DP?

While choosing a love WhatsApp DP, there are certain types of photos couples must avoid:

  • Avoid inappropriate or vulgar images.
  • Do not pick sad or depressing pictures that show you fighting or crying.
  • Refrain from using excessive PDA moments like intimate kissing or inappropriate poses.
  • Do not use joint photos with your ex or former partners.
  • Avoid picking only your solo images. DP must include your current partner.
  • Steer clear of old outdated couple pics where you look unrecognizable.
  • Do not pick blurry, poorly lit or grainy looking images.

The mantra is keep it classy. Your love DP should celebrate your wholesome relationship in a tasteful manner.

What WhatsApp DP shows I’m in a relationship?

Want to update your WhatsApp DP to indicate your relationship status? Here are some ideas:

  • Upload a picture where you and your partner are hugging or embracing. A classic way to declare coupledom.
  • Select a candid photo where you are smiling lovingly at your significant other. Shows care and bond.
  • Pick a romantic sunset silhouette shot of you two holding hands. Artistically shows togetherness.
  • Choose a photo where you and bae are wearing matching accessories or outfits. Conveys compatibility.
  • Set an adorable cartoon image with two lovebirds or hearts. Uses symbolism playfully.
  • Pick a photo with your wedding rings on display. Universally represents marriage or engagement.
  • Use customized artwork or a canvas with your names carved together in a heart. Declares your commitment uniquely.

What WhatsApp DPs attract girls?

For guys wishing to attract girls on WhatsApp, consider using DPs showing your charming personality. Some ideas:

  • Funny image – Girls love humor. Use a funny meme or cute pic.
  • Pet selfie – Shows your caring side cuddling a furry friend.
  • Travel photo – Depicts your adventurous spirit exploring exotic locales.
  • Musical instrument – Reveals your creative flair playing the guitar etc.
  • Athletic snapshot – Highlights your sports skills – running, diving, etc.
  • Sharp portrait – Well-groomed stylish image shows you are mature and refined.

Stay authentic. Do not use overly curated or edited pictures. Keep it approachable to attract girls.

What are the best love quotes for WhatsApp DP?

Romantic love quotes on your DP will melt your sweetheart’s heart. Here are some ideas:

  • “Together is my favorite place to be.”
  • “I love you more than coffee.”
  • “We go together like cupcakes and frosting.”
  • “You + me = love.”
  • “You had me at hello.”
  • “Home is wherever I’m with you.”
  • “Love is spelled Y-O-U.”
  • “You are the peanut butter to my jelly.”

Pick an endearing quote and add it stylishly on you and your partner’s favorite couple photo for an instantly lovable WhatsApp DP!


Expressing love through your WhatsApp profile picture is a wonderful idea for couples. Pick cute photos or artsy images that authentically symbolize your affection, bond, joy and compatibility with your partner.

Stay away from inappropriate PDA moments. Change your DP often to keep your romance feeling fresh! A love-filled WhatsApp DP spreads the positive vibes.

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