Display pictures (DPs) have become an integral way for people to express themselves on social media. Especially for couples, putting up a DP together signifies their relationship status and affection for each other.

The latest trend that has emerged is using half half DPs, where each partner’s image makes up half of the overall picture. This creative format allows couples to showcase their togetherness in a unique manner.

In this post, we will explore some of the key aspects around couple half half DPs for WhatsApp and their rising popularity.

What are half half DPs?

A half half DP, as the name suggests, contains two separate photos merging together as one. Each individual’s portrait occupies 50% space, completing the full DP frame. It gives the impression of two people coming together yet retaining their individual personalities at the same time.

The two images meet either vertically or horizontally, aligned to form a coordinated DP displaying both partners. Some common ways to position them include:

  • Vertical halves: Top and bottom
  • Horizontal halves: Left and right
  • Diagonal halves: Top left and bottom right

When done right, the two photos blend into one seamless image, almost like a two-piece puzzle. This creative format makes the relationship DP more engaging.

Why are couple half and half DPs getting popular?

Half and half DPs offer a fresh way for couples to customize their social media presence together. Here are some key reasons for their rising popularity:

  • Visual expression of togetherness: Halves coming together symbolize the union of two people in love. It visually signifies their bond, commitment and the joy of being with their significant other.
  • Equal representation: Unlike regular DPs which focus on one individual, half and half DPs give equal visibility to both people in the relationship. It projects equality and harmony.
  • Retains individuality: Though shown together, each person still gets their own dedicated space. It retains their individual identity along with the relationship status.
  • Artistic flexibility: There are many creative ways to design the two-part visual such as using shapes, photos and illustrations. This makes the DPs more vibrant and distinctive.
  • Easy to create: Couples can use simple photo editing apps to create their own half and half DPs without much hassle. The DIY aspect adds a personal touch.
  • Trendy and appealing: Half half DPs generate curiosity among friends and followers when they first encounter such profile pictures. The unusual display grabs eyeballs, especially on apps like Instagram and WhatsApp.

What are good ideas for WhatsApp couple DPs?

When designing half and half DPs, imagination is the limit. Here are some innovative ideas to try for an attractive relationship DP:

  • Coordinated poses: Mimic each other’s poses like holding hands across the halves or resting heads on one another. Harmonized gestures look appealing.
  • Themed costumes: Dress up based on a theme like Halloween costumes or as fictional characters. Coordinate the look across both halves.
  • Travel places: Use memorable destinations as the backdrop to link both images. Famous sites make for picture-perfect DPs.
  • Memorable events: Showcase special occasions like weddings or concerts you attended together in the two halves. Makes for meaningful DPs.
  • Matching elements: Incorporate matching details across the halves like same backgrounds, outfits, accessories or props. Creates cohesion.
  • Quirky pop culture: Recreate quirky scenarios from movies, songs or viral memes. Imaginative references make fun conversation starters.
  • Relationship milestones: Mark special landmarks of your journey together like anniversaries, proposal or moving in. Adds emotional value.
  • Artistic edits: Use cool shapes, frames or photo effects to blend the images innovatively. Graphic elements take the DP up a notch.

Step-by-Step Guide to Create Half and Half DPs

While designing apps make it simpler, you can also manually create coordinated halves using just your phone’s basic tools:

  1. Select two good quality photos for the halves – ensure they are cropped to similar aspect ratio.
  2. On your phone’s gallery app, open one photo and use the crop tool to select just the half portion needed. Do the same for the second photo’s half that will match the overall size.
  3. Open the photo collage option on your phone’s gallery app. Select a two-picture layout with halves side by side horizontally or vertically, based on how you want to align them.
  4. Stick to a single background colour for the collage so the two images fit well together.
  5. Add the cropped halves into the collage, adjust and align them properly within the frames.
  6. Save the completed collage and you have your customized half half DP ready!
  7. You can further edit the collage photo using other apps to add elements like shapes, frames or textures for more design flair.
  8. Finally, set the artistic half half photo as your WhatsApp DP for an eye-catching relationship profile picture.

What are the best apps for making couple DPs?

Dedicated half half maker apps provide easy templates and tools to craft coordinated couple DPs. Here are some top options:

  • Canva: Offers a wide range of layouts and design options. Easy to customize photos and backgrounds.
  • InShot: Allows resizing, stickers, frames, filters and more editing features.
  • Pic Stitch: Collage maker with various half half frames and grids to neatly combine photos.
  • PicsArt: Has an array of effects, filters, text options and drawing tools for creative DPs.
  • Heart Frames: Specializes in heart shape collages in different layouts and colors. Includes romantic love stickers.
  • Sweet Selfie: Template-based app with half half grids, love symbols and customization options. Saves photos to camera roll.
  • Half Status Maker: Quickly generate column, row and heart-shaped layouts. Includes attractive love emoji and sticker elements.

The variety of user-friendly apps makes it convenient to design and set appealing couple DPs that make a statement.

Creative Examples of Half and Half DPs for Inspiration

Here are some creative examples of WhatsApp couple DPs showcasing different themes and designs:

Matching wedding outfits for a bride and groom half half DPCoordinated superhero costumes for a fun comic book style DP
Childhood picture on one side and adult photo on the other half to signify growing up togetherHeart shape outline with couple photos inside and relationship quote for a romantic DP

“Travel compatibility” theme using half half photos at the Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal

Minimalist black and white half portrait DP with clean diagonal divide

The possibilities are endless when crafting inventive designs tailored to your relationship. Display your special bond proudly and memorably with customized half and half DPs.

FAQs on Couple DPs

What should couples avoid when selecting a half half DP?

Avoid photos with excessive PDA, inappropriate poses or nudity that may be unsafe for displaying publicly. Pick cheerful photos that align with both partners’ comfort levels.

Can I use edited pictures for the couple DP?

Yes, edited photos and even graphic illustrations can be used creatively for the two halves. However, avoid over-editing faces as it should be recognizable.

What if my partner and I have very different photo styles?

Compromise on the concept for the DP. For example, go for a theme, use black and white filter for a consistent tone or include complementary shapes/objects to link diverse photos.

Is it necessary to use our photos for a couple DP?

Not mandatory. You can get innovative with illustrations, shapes, words or even fictional characters that represent your vibe as a couple. Abstract designs also look great.

What’s the best file size for a WhatsApp DP?

Optimally, keep the file size under 100 KB. Use photo editing tools to compress or resize the collage if needed. This ensures fast uploading and clarity on the small DP icon.


Half and half display pictures offer a fun new way for modern couples to express their relationships on social media. The equal visibility and creative freedom make it widely appealing.

With the right coordinating photos, imaginative designs and handy editing apps, couples can craft personalized DPs that symbolize their affection, interests and individuality.

Setting the thoughtfully designed two-part images as WhatsApp DPs adds that extra touch of togetherness for all to see. After all, couples who click together should flaunt it together too!

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