Choosing an attractive and natural WhatsApp display picture (DP) can be tricky. Your DP represents you on WhatsApp and creates the first impression for anyone who looks at your profile.

A good DP highlights your personality and shows your unique style. Here are some tips and ideas to help you pick the perfect natural and attractive WhatsApp DP.

The first step is choosing a photo that is genuinely you. Pick a recent photo that shows your natural beauty without too many edits or filters. A genuine photo will connect better with your contacts than an overly edited one. Make sure the photo is high quality and clear. A blurry or pixelated photo won’t look good small as a WhatsApp icon.

Here are some ideas for natural photo options to use as your DP:

  • A portrait/selfie showing your face and smile
  • A photo of you doing an activity you enjoy like sports, travel, etc.
  • A fun or candid photo taken by family or friends
  • A nature background like outdoors or with plants

Avoid using these types of photos for your DP:

  • Group photos (focus should be on you)
  • Old photos from many years ago
  • Low quality or blurry photos
  • Bathroom mirror selfies
  • Revealing or inappropriate photos

The next step is choosing a flattering, attractive photo. Think about your pose, facial expression, angle of the shot, and composition. Some tips:

  • Look directly at the camera with good posture
  • Have a natural, warm facial expression
  • Use softly diffused lighting, avoid harsh shadows
  • Frame your face and body in a balanced way
  • Crop the image to highlight your best features

Remember, your DP is small so your face/expression will be the main focus. Have someone take your photo or take a selfie from a high angle down towards your face. This is often more flattering than shooting from below.

Here are some attractive facial expressions and poses to try in your DP photo:

  • A genuine smile – happiness is always attractive!
  • A relaxed, calm expression
  • Looking away dreamily can look thoughtful and sweet
  • Tilting your head highlights your face shape
  • Having chin down and eyes look up is flirty yet subtle
  • Parted lips can look charming and approachable

Flattering your natural beauty should be the goal over using excessive editing. Keep edits minimal for a believable attractive photo. Here are some editing tips:

  • Lighten and even out skin tone – this makes skin glow beautifully.
  • Eyes – whiten whites of eyes, add light mascara, sharpen details.
  • Hair – conceal strays, enhance shine and color.
  • Whitening teeth slightly is okay for a bright smile.
  • Slim face and nose – but very subtly, don’t distort features.
  • Add light pink blush and lip tint. A soft rosy tone enhances femininity.
  • Remove blemishes/scars if needed using spot healing tool.
  • Boost color saturation in eyes and lips – but not too dramatically.

Avoid overdoing editing to the point of looking obviously filtered. Keep your unique features that make you you!

What Makes an Attractive WhatsApp DP?

Your WhatsApp DP (display picture) has a powerful impact on your profile. It’s the first thing people notice and it represents your identity on WhatsApp. So what exactly makes an attractive, eye-catching DP that others will love? Here are the key factors:

1. Portrays your personality

Choose a photo that captures your spirit and character. Show your hobbies, passions, and style. If you love music, share a photo of you singing. If you’re athletic, share an action shot of your favorite sport.

2. Great lighting

Proper lighting is so important for an attractive photo. Avoid shadows on your face. Get soft, even lighting that illuminates your features. Side lighting adds depth and contours to your face shape.

3. Warm, approachable expression

A smiling, friendly face looks best for a DP. Maintain eye contact with the camera. Relaxed and natural is ideal. Avoid serious, cold expressions.

4. Flattering angle

Look for angles that compliment and elongate your facial shape. Turn and look back at the camera for a slimming effect. Shoot from above pointing camera downwards.

5. High image quality

A clear, crisp, HD photo always looks best. Make sure your photo isn’t grainy or pixelated, especially when condensed into a small DP icon.

6. Pops of color

Wearing bright, vivid clothing and accessories in your DP adds eye-catching color. Even using a colorful background creates visual interest.

7. Minimal, tasteful editing

Light editing can enhance your features but avoid excessive retouching that looks fake. Keep edits subtle and natural.

Your WhatsApp DP ultimately conveys your personal brand. Put thought into selecting a photo that presents you in the best possible light while still staying true to your authentic self!

What Type of WhatsApp DP Attracts More People?

Your WhatsApp display picture is your virtual identity that gives a snapshot impression of you to others. What types of profile photos attract more eyes and interest? Consider these kinds of engaging WhatsApp DPs:

DPs with warm, happy expressions – A smile goes a long way! A happy, upbeat vibe engages people.

Candid shots – Natural laughter or a spontaneous moment feels more authentic than posed photos.

Creative backgrounds – Unique backdrops show there’s more to you than meets the eye.

Colors that pop – Vibrant colors energize your DP and make you stand out.

Travel photos – Faraway places portray you as adventurous and intriguing.

Hobbies and activities – Share your passions! Dogs, bikes, books, art – give a glimpse into your hobbies.

Minimal, clean edits – Avoid excessive filtering. Go for a clear, crisp, lightly enhanced photo.

Eye contact with camera – This draws people in and connects with them.

Natural lighting – Soft, even lighting is most flattering for DPs. Overhead lighting can look harsh.

Forward facing – Face the camera head-on for maximum impact, don’t show the side of your face.

Cropped close – Tight crops focusing just on your face/shoulders add intrigue.

Playful props – Hats, sunglasses, instruments, etc add personality.

While trends come and go, the timeless DPs feature you at your authentic best. Avoid anything overly altered, filtered or impersonal. Aim to captivate people’s interest while representing your true self!

How to Take Attractive WhatsApp DP?

Taking an eye-catching WhatsApp display picture can be tricky. Here are some top tips for capturing attractive photos to use for your DP:

1. Use natural lighting

The best light for photography is soft, natural light. Outdoors around sunrise or sunset creates a gorgeous glow on your skin. Near large windows indoors also works. Avoid harsh overhead lights.

2. Focus on your face

Frame your face as the main focal point. Crop out surrounding clutter. Shoot close-up or medium framing above the shoulders.

3. Experiment with angles

Place camera higher and angle down towards your face. Shoot from slightly above to appear slimmer. Turn body at angle but look back.

4. Be aware of your facial expression

Relax your face naturally. Closed mouth smiles look best. Engage your eyes with the camera. Avoid blinking during shots.

5. Try different poses

Tilt your head, lean forward, push arms back to accentuate shape. Sitting, standing, laying down offer options. Play with hand placement.

6. Use a selfie stick for solo shots

Capture more flattering angles on your own with greater range from your phone camera. Prevent shaky shots.

7. Take a burst of photos

Don’t just take one! Capture multiple so you have options to select the top shots. Subtle differences make an impact.

8. Edit minimally

Use just minor edits like brightness, contrast, cropping, but avoid excessive filtering. Remain true to your natural beauty.

9. Ask a friend to take candid photos

Some of the best photos come naturally when someone else takes shots in the moment.

Following these tips will help you get an attractive WhatsApp DP that highlights your best features and brings life to your profile!

What Facial Expression is Best For WhatsApp DP?

Your facial expression impacts how your WhatsApp display picture gets perceived. What looks best? Here are some flattering expressions to try in your DP:

Warm, genuine smile – A natural smile exudes approachability and confidence. Avoid cheesy, forced grins.

Mouth closed, laughing through eyes – Subtle laughter lines around your eyes look joyful.

Relaxed, calm face – A peaceful expression conveys tranquility and stability.

Direct eye contact – Eye contact engages viewers and creates deeper connection.

Looking off camera – This can seem candid, thoughtful and alluring. Try different gazes.

Head tilted – Angling your face adds dimension. Vary which direction you tilt.

Chin down, eyes up – Looking up through lashes gives sultry, flirty effect.

Open mouth – For women, slightly parted lips can increase femininity and softness.

Playful smile – Goofy, amused expressions showcase your bubbly personality.

Pucker lips – Subtle pout gives youthful, cute vibe. Avoid overdoing it.

Mysterious smolder – Dramatic smoldering eye expression for artsy vibe, but only if done well.

Serious gaze – Direct intense gaze conveys confidence and maturity. Don’t look mean.

Avoid any exaggerations. Keep it natural and representative of your true spirit. Let small details in your eyes, mouth and face shape speak for you. The right expression makes your DP magnetic!

What Makes a Good WhatsApp DP?

Your WhatsApp display picture creates a vital first impression. But what exactly makes a good DP that represents you well? Here are key factors to consider:

  • Recent photo – Use a current photo from the last year. Old photos don’t convey who you are now.
  • Portrays your personality – Show hobbies, passions, and interests that express your individuality.
  • Happy, inviting mood – Warm, upbeat expressions engage people. Avoid looking somber.
  • Good lighting – Soft, natural lighting flatters the face. Avoid shadows or glare.
  • Clear image – High quality resolution is essential. Blurry or grainy photos look unappealing small.
  • Natural beauty – Play up your best features. Don’t overdo editing or filtering.
  • Face forward – Face the camera directly for maximum engagement with viewers.
  • Minimal background – Simple solid color backgrounds keep focus on you.
  • Appropriate outfit – Dress respectfully. Avoid anything too revealing or provocative.
  • Eye contact – Looking into camera creates strong connection.
  • Relaxed posture – Portray confidence through open body language. Don’t look stiff.

Your DP ultimately conveys your personal brand. Select a photo that presents your authentic self in the best possible light!

How Often Should You Change WhatsApp DP?

How frequently should you update your WhatsApp profile picture? Here are some tips:

  • Change it when you get a new look – new hairstyle, beard, etc. Show off changes!
  • Change it when your mood changes – swap DP to match your current mood or state of mind
  • Change it for major life events – birthdays, new jobs, weddings, holidays
  • Change it seasonally – use summery, outdoorsy photos in warm months
  • Change it when you go somewhere new – show off exciting travels!
  • Change it if people aren’t recognizing you – update if you look younger/older
  • Change it if you’re single and looking – refreshing can spark interest
  • Change it once every few months – 3-6 months prevents it from getting stale
  • Change it when you take an awesome new selfie – staying current keeps it fresh
  • Change it when you want to rebrand your image – evolve your personal brand

Aim for updating your DP a few times a year at minimum. But also feel free to swap your photo anytime something major happens in your life! The right balance keeps your profile lively.

What Colors are Best For WhatsApp DP?

Colors influence the vibe and impression of your WhatsApp display picture. Certain hues enhance your complexion while others boost your mood. Consider using these colors:

  • Blue – Universally flattering, blue enhances eyes, calming and professional
  • Green – Earthy green brings out red undertones in skin and hair, soothing
  • Purple – Regal and mystical, purple inspires creativity and intrigue
  • Pink – Feminine and upbeat, pink exudes warmth, also flattering to most skin tones
  • Red – Passionate and bold, red energizes and makes a vibrant statement
  • Orange – Playful and lively, orange looks friendly and approachable
  • Yellow – Cheery and bright, yellow boosts mood and radiates positivity
  • White – Clean and pure, white acts as a neutral palette focusing attention on you
  • Black – Classic and dramatic, black sharpens features for an edgy mysterious vibe

Avoid distracting neon brights or prints that compete too much. Solid, muted, natural colors tend to be most flattering. But don’t be afraid to experiment with different hues that reflect your personality!

What Should be Avoided in a WhatsApp DP?

Your WhatsApp display picture makes an important first impression. To portray your best self, avoid these DP faux pas:

  • Blurry or low-quality photos – Always use clear, crisp images. Grainy DPs look very unappealing.
  • Cropped awkwardly – The crop should flatter your face. Avoid crooked or poorly framed images.
  • Heavily filtered – Overdone editing looks fake. Keep it close to your natural beauty.
  • Too many faces – The focus should be you! Group shots can confuse people.
  • Inappropriate attire – Don’t wear something too revealing for conservative cultures.
  • Dated photos – Use a current DP photo from the last year or two. Old photos misrepresent you.
  • Bathroom mirror selfies – Find a more flattering backdrop than the restroom!
  • Obstructing accessories – Sunglasses, hats, and masks cover up your face.
  • Unnatural facial expressions – Forced expressions look off. Keep it candid and relaxed.
  • Unfriendly mood – Maintain a pleasant, approachable demeanor. Don’t look mad or sad.
  • Distracting backgrounds – Keep focus on you with a simple, neutral backdrop.

Remember, your DP makes a first impression in seconds. Ensure it puts your best foot forward while representing the real you!


Choosing the perfect WhatsApp display picture that is both natural and attractive takes thoughtfulness. By picking a photo that genuinely captures your personality, using flattering angles and lighting, and applying subtle editing, you can create an eye-catching DP.

Keep it authentic to the real you. Your DP gives a snapshot impression, so make sure it’s a positive one with broad appeal while showcasing what makes you uniquely you! With these tips in mind, you can pick a WhatsApp profile photo you love that elevates your personal brand.

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