WhatsApp has taken over as one of the most widely used instant messaging apps. With over 2 billion users globally, it has become a platform where people showcase their personalities.

The WhatsApp display picture (DP) is the first thing that catches someone’s attention when they interact with you. For young boys and girls in love, the WhatsApp DP is a way to publicly display their romantic side.

The right WhatsApp DP can speak volumes without you having to say a word! It conveys that you have someone special in your life and are happily smitten. For young couples, deciding the ideal love-filled WhatsApp DP that suits their relationship and personality can be tricky. Here are some tips!

Why Do Young Couples Use Romantic WhatsApp DPs?

There are several reasons why romantic WhatsApp DPs are so popular among boys and girls in relationships:

To Show Off Their Relationship

By putting up a lovey-dovey WhatsApp DP, they let the world know that they are in a relationship. It symbolizes that they are committed to each other.

To Look Cool and Happening

In youth culture, being in a relationship is considered cool and desirable. Romantic DPs depict them as young and happening.

To Feel Grown Up

A romantic DP escalates their status from single to being in a relationship. It makes them feel mature and grown up.

To Proclaim Their Love

The DP is like their virtual announcement of love and togetherness. It professes their feelings for each other.

Peer Pressure

When their friends use couple DPs, they also hop on to the bandwagon.

Ideal Love WhatsApp DP for Boys

Boys generally prefer WhatsApp DPs that are macho, rugged and not overly mushy. Here are some ideas:

Macho Movie Stars

Use a photo of a macho movie star and add a quote like “Taken” or “In a relationship”.

Couple Selfies

A selfie with their girlfriend where the guy is holding her affectionately. No overt PDA.

Romantic Landscapes

A romantic image of a picturesque landscape like sunset beach or rolling hills. Include “Her” and “His” signs.

Cartoon Couples

Fun, macho cartoon men coupled with cute cartoon girls and love quotes.

Love Shapes

Creative DPs with heart shapes or interlocked rings made from flower petals. Subtle and neat.

Ideal Love WhatsApp DPs for Girls

Girls generally prefer adorable and dreamy romantic WhatsApp DPs. Some nice options are:

Disney Couples

Cute Disney couples hugging or holding hands with a sweet quote about love.

Watercolor Art

Pretty watercolor painting of a couple’s silhouette kissing or holding hands.

Love Quotes

Short cute quotes like “Taken by my Knight” or “His Queen”. Not lengthy paragraphs.

Teddy Couples

Adorable teddy bears or cartoons hugging with a fluffy, mushy aura.

Matching DPs

Same lovey, lively image with him and her. Coordinated couple goals!

What to Avoid in Romantic WhatsApp DPs

While updating their DPs, young couples should steer clear of:

  • Excessively intimate, inappropriate images
  • Overuse of editing filters
  • Photos with an ex or old flames
  • Quotes that are crass or offensive
  • Anything that disrespects their relationship
  • Constantly changing DPs – seems unstable

The mantra is keep it classy, subtle yet romantic. Do not cross the line and violate respect.

Using DP to Show Different Relationship Stages

Young couples can also use WhatsApp DPs to indicate various relationship milestones like:

Just Started Dating

New couples can use playful DPs like:

  • “Taken” signs
  • Quotes like “Newly minted”
  • Happy selfies

In a Steady Relationship

Steady couples can consider DPs like:

  • Cartoon couples holding hands
  • Quotes like “My ride or die”
  • Matching DPs

Got Engaged

Newly engaged duos can use:

  • Ring selfies
  • “Promised to be together forever” quotes
  • Cartoon proposal scenes

Relationship Goals

Those in long-term relationships can choose:

  • DPs that show them aging together
  • Forever love quotes
  • Playful teasing quotes for each other

Things Boys and Girls Should Avoid in Love DPs

Do remember that WhatsApp DPs are public. Avoid:

  • Showing off too much PDA
  • Using too many emojis – seems childish
  • Putting up old photos with an ex
  • Having different DPs frequently – appears flaky
  • Quotes that seem vulgar or are in poor taste

The mantra is keep it subtle, dignified and meaningful. Let your love shine through gracefully!


For young couples, the WhatsApp DP is the modern way to profess their feelings to the world. It symbolizes that they are romantically involved and have a special someone. Young boys prefer DPs that look macho yet loving, while girls love dreamy, fanciful images.

Updating their DPs is a milestone that makes them feel all grown up. But couples must exercise caution and not post something inappropriate in the name of love. Their DP should spread love and joy, not offence. If used respectfully, their romantic WhatsApp DP will hold a special meaning for years to come!

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