WhatsApp has become an integral part of our lives. It’s one of the most popular messaging apps, with over 2 billion users worldwide. Given how much time we spend on WhatsApp every day, our profile picture or DP (display picture) holds a special significance. It’s the first thing people notice when they open a chat with us. A beautiful, creative WhatsApp DP allows us to express our personality or mood.

The profile picture is the identity of any WhatsApp user. It represents who we are without saying a word. While some prefer keeping a photo of themselves, others like using inspirational quotes, animated images, movie characters, nature scenes etc. as their WhatsApp DP. When it comes to love and romance, there are so many options for cute, romantic and striking WhatsApp DPs.

Why Do People Use Love-Themed WhatsApp DPs?

There are a few key reasons why love-themed WhatsApp DPs are so popular:

1. To Express Love for Their Partner

For people in relationships, putting up a love-themed DP is an easy way to showcase their love and affection for their partner. It can be a couple photo or an image with a romantic quote – it symbolizes that they are spoken for and have someone special in their life.

2. To Convey Their Romantic Mood

Love-themed WhatsApp DPs are a great way to convey one’s romantic mood or desires. Maybe they are longing for a partner or just feel like being cheesy and adorable! Such DPs indicate that love and romance are on their mind.

3. To Commemorate Special Occasions

Couples often use romantic WhatsApp DPs on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays etc. It’s a visual celebration of their bond and the joyous occasion. These love-filled images spread the cheer.

4. To Portray Ideal Relationships

For singles, love-themed WhatsApp DPs portray their idea of perfect, dreamy relationships. Even if they don’t have a partner at the moment, such DPs represent their hopes and wishes for an ideal romance.

Best Love WhatsApp DPs and How to Use Them

Here are some amazing ideas for love WhatsApp DPs and tips on using them:

Romantic Couple Photos

  • A cozy selfie with your partner where you are gazing into each other’s eyes.
  • A candid picture of you and your partner laughing or enjoying a moment together.
  • An image of you and your partner holding hands or hugging.
  • Matching DPs – same love-filled image for you and partner.

Pro-tip: Don’t overload your DP with excessive PDA. Subtlety and genuine moments work better.

Love Quotes and Sayings

  • Pick romantic quotes like “Together is my favorite place to be”, “I love you to the moon and back” etc.
  • Meaningful quotes about forever love or finding each other.
  • Song lyrics that define your relationship.

Pro-tip: Opt for short, crisp quotes that perfectly encapsulate your love. Don’t crowd the DP with long text.

Animated Love Images

  • Cute animated couples holding hands or cuddling.
  • Animated hearts, roses, gifts, etc. with love messages.
  • GIFs with scenes of couples from romantic movies.

Pro-tip: Choose high-quality GIFs and images. Don’t use tacky or low-resolution ones.

Love Emojis

  • Creatively placed emojis like hearts, kiss marks, roses, rings, etc.
  • Emoji conversations between you and your partner.

Pro-tip: Design minimalist and clean DPs with emojis. Don’t overwhelm with too many emojis.

Silhouette Images

  • Black colored silhouette outlines of a couple holding hands or embracing.
  • Couple silhouette against a sunset beach landscape.

Pro-tip: Opt for simple yet striking images. Don’t clutter the silhouette with too many elements.

Ideal WhatsApp DPs for Different Relationship Stages

Your WhatsApp DP can also indicate the stage and seriousness of your relationship. Here are suitable love-themed DPs for different relationship phases:

New Relationship

In the exciting honeymoon phase, you can use DPs like:

  • Happy couple selfies
  • “Taken” signs
  • Quotes like “You had me at hello”

Established Relationship

Once you are an established couple, DPs can include:

  • Cozy photos symbolizing comfort
  • Quotes about finding “the one”
  • Emojis showing future plans

Long-term Relationship

For long-term couples, DPs with:

  • Forever love quotes
  • Cartoon couples growing old together
  • Phrases like “Together since xx/xx/xx” work well


To celebrate the engagement, DPs can feature:

  • Ring selfies
  • “Getting hitched” signs
  • Quotes like “Together forever starts here”


Post marriage, DPs may comprise:

  • Wedding day portrait
  • Mr. and Mrs. signs
  • Quotes like “Happily ever after”

Things to Avoid in Love WhatsApp DPs

While sharing love on your DP is great, you still need to exercise caution. Here are some things to avoid:

  • Excessive PDA or inappropriate images
  • Over-editing photos with too many filters
  • Using old photos of an ex or previous relationship
  • Quotes that are insensitive to single friends
  • Constantly changing DPs – comes across as insecure

The key is keeping it classy, subtle, and meaningful. Your love-filled DP should spread the positivity without going overboard.


WhatsApp DPs have become an extension of our personalities. For those in romantic relationships, it’s a simple way to publicly profess their love. Using romantic images, quotes, emojis or photos allows them to authentically represent their relationship status and feelings.

Love-themed WhatsApp DPs also come packed with symbolism. They give a glimpse into relationship stages, special occasions and future goals. While couples should exercise judgment, a tastefully designed WhatsApp DP can be the perfect way to tell the world they are in love!

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