WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over 2 billion users. As users continue to customize their profiles, a new trend has emerged – the use of dark and aesthetic display pictures (DPs). In this blog post, we’ll explore this unique trend and discuss its appeal.

The rise in dark and aesthetic DPs is tied to the larger goth subculture and e-girl/e-boy aesthetic that has become popular online. These subcultures value dark imagery, alternative fashion, and self-expression. For many young people, their WhatsApp DP is an important part of crafting their desired image and identity.

Why Do People Use Dark Aesthetic DPs on WhatsApp?

There are several key reasons why dark and moody Display Pictures have become popular on WhatsApp:

It Allows Self-Expression

For many, a dark aesthetic DP is a form of self-expression. It allows them to visually communicate their personality and tastes without having to say a word. It’s an easy way to signal that you’re into alternative subcultures without needing to explicitly state it in words.

It Stands Out

Additionally, dark and aesthetic DPs simply stand out more than typical selfies or generic images. They catch the eye amidst a sea of bright, color selfies. This makes them effective at grabbing attention.

It Conveys Mood and Emotion

Dark imagery is often associated with being melancholy, brooding, or mysterious. A dark DP, therefore, can signal the user’s mood without them needing to say it out loud. It suggests the user may be going through a difficult time or perhaps has a somber personality.

It Aligns With Important Causes

For some, dark DPs are used to align with certain causes and social movements. For example, some have adopted dark/black DPs to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Dark imagery can powerfully convey antiracist sentiments and anger over injustice.

Overall, dark and moody Display Pictures allow for nuanced self-expression. Users, especially young people, like being able to subtly communicate their personality, interests, and emotions through their choice of DP rather than overtly stating it out loud.

How to Take an Aesthetic Dark DP for WhatsApp

Want to change up your WhatsApp profile with a dark, moody aesthetic DP? Here are some tips:

Use Black and White Filtering

One easy way to create a dark DP is to take a normal photo and then filter it to black and white. This removes color and darkens the image considerably. Play around with contrast levels as well to make some areas very light and others very dark.

Experiment with Shadows

Take photos where shadows feature prominently. Position yourself so a shadow covers part of your face or body for dramatic effect. You can also edit in additional shadows later.

Use Creative Lighting

Backlighting, candlelight, or colored lighting like neon can create moody, striking images. Shoot in low light conditions or position a colored light source behind you.

Pick Dark Locations

Choose dark or atmospheric locations for your photo shoot – black walls, basements, or rooms lit only by computer screens. This provides you with a ready-made dark backdrop.

Edit Color Tones

For photos with color, edit the color temperature to cooler blue/green hues or remove some color saturation. This makes the image feel darker and more moody.

Add Extra Effects

Try editing your image with lens flare, light leaks, dust scratches, grainy film effects or other artifacts that make the image feel darker and more textured.

With some creativity and editing know-how, you can easily give your WhatsApp profile a goth-chic upgrade. Your contacts will do a double take next time you message them!

Common Dark Aesthetics and Themes to Try

There are a few common dark themes and aesthetics that are widely popular on WhatsApp. Consider using one of these dark styles:

Goth DP

Channel your inner goth with a black bkg, black clothing/makeup, and serious expression. Extra points for goth accessories.

Black and White Portrait

A black and white portrait photo lends a classic yet dark vibe. For contrast, only color your lips or eyes.

Dark Floral Theme

Floral themes look dark and romantic when done in black backgrounds and deep hued flowers. Use edited nature photos or floral fabric.

Neon Noir

Pair neon lighting with dark environments for a cyberpunk, neo-noir vibe. Think dark streets with neon signs.

Dark Academia

Dark academia centers around reading, writing, and knowledge. Use photos of books, typewriters, libraries or yourself studying.


Egirl and eboy looks feature dark eyeliner, jewelry, black nail polish and experimental fashion.

Soft Grunge

Pair faded, distorted imagery with black and white photos for a soft grunge look.

There are endless variations on dark aesthetic DPs. The most important thing is choosing a style that resonates with your personality and taste.

Tips for Taking Your Own Dark & Moody Photos

Want to take your own custom photos for a dark DP? Here are some easy tips:

  • Shoot at night – Nighttime automatically lends moody lighting. Position lights carefully.
  • Use depth of field – Blur the background to make your subject pop.
  • Explore shadows – Don’t avoid shadows, leverage them to create striking contrast.
  • Try black and white – Monochrome color schemes are inherently dark.
  • Edit color tone – Cool down color temperature and lower saturation.
  • Add film grain – Emulates gritty, vintage film look.
  • Use editing filters – Preset filters can create dark, brooding tones.
  • Obscure your face – Shrouding part of your face in shadow adds mystery.
  • Take tight shots – Detailed macro shots of eyes or objects have dark flair.
  • Look down – Averted gazes are common in dark and moody shots.

With the right backdrop, lighting, and editing you can easily produce professional-looking dark and alluring photos from the comfort of your home. Get creative!

Frequently Asked Questions About Dark DPs

Here are answers to some common questions about using a dark, aesthetic profile photo on WhatsApp:

Why are dark DPs becoming popular?

Dark DPs are rising in popularity because they allow for unique self-expression, convey emotion, and align with larger social movements and subcultures like goth and e-girl/e-boy styles.

How do I take an aesthetic dark DP?

Try using black and white filtering, shadows, creative lighting, taking photos in dark locations, or editing the color tones. You can also add textured effects like light leaks or film grain.

What are some good themes for dark WhatsApp DPs?

Some popular dark themes are goth, black and white portrait, dark floral, neon noir, dark academia, egirl/eboy, and soft grunge.

Can I use dark DPs if I’m not goth or emo?

Absolutely. While dark DPs are associated with those subcultures, anyone can use them if they enjoy the aesthetic. You don’t have to belong to any subculture.

Are dark DPs bad or inappropriate?

Not inherently. Some see it as a form of creative self-expression. However, some workplaces or cultures may find them unprofessional if too edgy. Know your audience.

Do I need an expensive camera to take a dark DP?

No, you can create dark aesthetic DPs with any smartphone. Use lighting, filters, and editing apps to achieve the look you want. Getting creative with shadows and angles makes a huge impact.


Dark and moody WhatsApp display photos are an emerging trend that allow users, especially young people, to visually express their personality in an alternative way. Although associated with goth and emo subcultures, they provide a creative outlet for self-expression and emotion. With some strategic photography and editing, anyone can DIY a darkly aesthetic profile photo that stands out. Next time you want to change up your WhatsApp profile, consider going dark! The shadows are calling.

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