Cartoon couple profile pictures, also known as DPs, are a playful love display trend on Instagram. Using illustrations featuring you and your partner’s caricatures or favorite fictional pairs is a creative way to show your affection. Cartoon love DPs add a dose of humor and whimsy to your social media presence.

Why showcase your love with cartoon art?

There are many advantages to using cartoon artwork as your romantic Instagram DP:

  • Adds lightheartedness – The animated style brings a sense of playfulness and joy to displaying your relationship status.
  • Conveys personalities – Custom cartoon renditions can capture your quirks, mannerisms and unique interaction as a couple.
  • Flexible medium – Anything imaginable can be depicted through cartoons, from silly date moments to fantastic adventures.
  • Publicly declares love – Using a cartoon couple as your DP announces your taken status to any potential admirers.
  • Commemorates milestones – Cartoon tributes memorialize key moments like engagements, weddings or having a child.
  • Easy to change up – Swapping your cartoon DP to mark special occasions or just for variety is simple.
  • Great for shy couples – Illustrations allow more reserved pairs to publicly declare love in a less overt way.
  • Adds personalization – Including your faces, outfits, inside jokes or interests makes the image uniquely you.
  • Conversation starter – Friends and followers will comment asking about the meaning behind your custom cartoon.

Tips for finding the perfect cartoon couple

Focus on personalities

Really consider your quirks and dynamics as a couple and select or request a cartoon style that amplifies those unique traits in whimsical ways. Do you binge watch shows together curled up on the couch? Are you foodies or adrenaline junkies? Show it through your cartoon incarnations.

Tell your story

Commission a multi-panel cartoon strip that depicts important moments in your relationship from your first meeting to your most recent milestone. It will highlight how you fell in love and your continuing journey as a couple.

Imagine dream scenarios

Think of aspirational adventures or scenarios you would love to experience together one day. Maybe world travel, buying a home or having a big family. Bring your dreams to life through custom cartoon art.

Recreate favorite fictional duos

If you and your partner connect with certain romantic fictional characters, have an artist render you as that cartoon couple. Examples are Mickey and Minnie, Wall-E and Eve, Homer and Marge Simpson.

Make it funny

Have the artist exaggerate your features and quirks for comedic effect or depict an amusing anecdote from your dating life, like an awkward first kiss or disastrous cooking attempt. Laughter bonds couples.

Add your interests

Incorporate motifs of your shared hobbies and passions to reflect your personalities. If you love Star Wars, get depicted wielding lightsabers. Show off your mutual passion for hiking, reading or baking.

Include your pet(s)

For animal lovers, add your fur baby or both your pets to your love DP cartoon. Doing activities together like playing fetch at the park or cuddling on the sofa takes it to the next level.

Mark major milestones

Immortalize big relationship moments like your wedding, engagement, pregnancy announcement or a major anniversary with a custom cartoon tribute that tells the story visually.

Popular cartoon couple motifs and themes

Here are some classic cartoon motifs that can inspire an Instagram love DP:


Traditional heart imagery like floating hearts, heart eyes, anatomical heart holding or heart-shaped speech bubbles will look romantic.


Depictions of you exchanging flowers, surrounded by blooms or flower petals raining down symbolize growing love.


Dot your cartoon selves in celestial bodies like twinkling stars, shooting stars, sparkles or orbiting planets to convey dreamy love.


Have your caricatures holding lollipops, ice cream cones, chocolate or other sweet treats to showcase your sweetness as a couple.

Fairy tale

Recreate scenes from fairy tales like kissing awake a sleeping princess or climbing Rapunzel’s tower for magical romance.


Adorable cartoon animals like lovebirds, deer, turtle doves or swans can accentuate your pic with their symbology of devotion.

Yin yang

The famous yin yang symbol or custom silhouettes in its shape make a hip, modern love DP.


Notes, instruments, boomboxes or headphones get the rhythms of love across in a fun way.

Pop culture

Well-known romantic imagery from movies, TV and other media like the Titanic’s bow, spaghetti kiss or Aladdin’s magic carpet ride says love universally.

Potential pitfalls to avoid

While cartoon love DPs are meant to be lighthearted, there are a few areas to navigate carefully:

  • Don’t include inside jokes or scenarios unknown outsiders may misinterpret.
  • Balance sweetness with restraint to avoid seeming juvenile.
  • Pick motifs carefully to dodge cultural appropriation or copyright issues.
  • Consider your partner’s comfort level with edgier vs. G-rated themes.
  • Custom commissions can get time intensive and costly. Set realistic expectations upfront.


Expressing affection publicly on social media can be daunting for some couples. Cartoon art DPs provide a playful medium to proudly proclaim your romantic status in a low-pressure way.

Whimsical illustrations distill your unique love story and bring your imaginations and personalities to life through artistic caricature. Just be sure both partners are on board with the image. With the right creative vision and positive motives, a cartoon couple DP can be a fun way to share your special Instagram able moments with the world.

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