Using a romantic black and white photo as your Instagram highlights display picture is an artistic, dramatic way to showcase relationship goals.

Black and white dullens the noise and draws focus to composition, emotion and your intimate connection as a couple. From striking portraits to candid moments, a black love DP offers timeless style.

Why black and white for your highlights?

There are many advantages to selecting a black and white image to represent your love in Instagram highlights:

  • Eye-catching contrast – The high contrast grabs attention on a page of color photos.
  • Artistic aesthetic – Monochrome gives photos an elegant, sophisticated, fine art portrait vibe.
  • Enhances mood – Black and white accentuates emotion and connection by stripping away color distractions.
  • Timeless and classic – Monochrome gives a retro, vintage feel regardless of when the photo was taken.
  • Conveys unity – With color removed, two become one in composition and energy.
  • Striking simplicity – No clutter of hues, just pure focus on you two.
  • Unique style – For diversity amongst your own color photos, black and white offers a signature look.
  • Memorable moments – Special occasions feel that much more romantic and dreamy in black and white.
  • Next level portraits – Closer cropping on your faces creates dramatic spotlight effects.

Tips for selecting the perfect black and white love photo

  • Check composition – Remove color in editing first to see if shapes and lines still align and draw the eye.
  • Focus on faces – Without color, eyes, expressions and connection magnetize the viewer.
  • Highlight hands – Cropped to just hands, black and white enhances intimacy conveyed through touch.
  • Try different angles – Straight-on, profile, behind-the-back and wide shots take on new drama without hues.
  • Play with lighting – High contrast backlighting, silhouettes and selective spotlights look striking in monochrome.
  • Showcase details – Patterns, textures and small moments amplified against the blank black and white canvas.
  • Obscure background – Removing color camouflages busy backgrounds so you two take center stage.
  • Pick post-processing – Experiment with filters like high contrast, infrared or tinted options.
  • Feature milestones – An engagement ring shot, wedding pic or pregnancy announcement gains gravitas.

Subjects and themes that work well

Here are some of the best types of romantic photos to convert to black and white for love highlights:


Close-up portraits cropped tight on your faces create an intimate, soulful vibe. The eyes and expressions really shine.


Pared down shots with clean lines and lots of negative space look modern yet timeless in black and white.


Without colors, silhouetted forms take on new allure and abstraction against white or graduated backgrounds.

Candid moments

Unposed interactions and stolen glances feel more raw and real when presented in monochrome.


The hands of a couple intertwined or bare feet touching become unlikely subjects of beauty.

Architecture/nature backdrops

Crisp white buildings, textured trees or water make striking contrasting backdrops for romance.

Open shadows

Backlighting or open shade that obscures facial details adds mystery.

Night photography

Sparkling city lights, neon signs, and streetscapes glow elegantly against the black of night.

Details close-ups

Wedding rings, a cascade of flowers, holding a love note—monochrome amplifies the beauty.

How to make black and white edits like a pro

  • Adjust individual color channels to increase contrast. Raising yellows darkens skies.
  • Watch for skin tones skewing too light or dark and adjust luminosity carefully.
  • Use a tinting filter in black and white. Warm sepia tones are nostalgic. Cool blue hues are moody.
  • Deep blacks lend bold drama. Use the shadows slider.
  • For film-inspired grain, add texture.
  • Brighten highlights to accentuate hair, eyes, jewelry and white clothing pops.
  • Apply an “S” curve to increase mid-tone contrast.
  • Radial and linear fading draws the eye to your subjects.
  • For vintage flair, lower clarity slightly to soften edges.

What to avoid

  • Pics where crucial details get lost without color, like eye color.
  • Too many shadows obscuring your faces or emotions.
  • Selecting overly busy or disjointed compositions that monochrome highlights.
  • Skin tones that become indistinguishable between subjects, losing dimension.
  • Heavy grain that looks unintentional rather than artful.
  • Fitzpatrick skin types I-II without adjusted contrast often look washed out.
  • Harsh lighting like overhead sun at midday.


Using black and white photography is an evocative, stylistic choice for an Instagram love display picture that helps your highlights stand out. Monochrome adds classic elegance, enhances intimacy and feels refreshingly real. With some intentional editing choices, you can create an artistic, timeless black and white photo that authentically celebrates your romantic connection in full contrast.

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