Setting an attractive WhatsApp display picture (DP) is an art. It allows you to showcase your personality and interests to your contacts in a visual way.

The perfect WhatsApp DP sparks curiosity, gives a glimpse into who you are, and makes people want to chat with you.

In this blog post, we will explore how to make your WhatsApp DP stand out. We will discuss elements that make a DP eye-catching, dos and don’ts, tips for taking a great selfie DP, and more. Read on to learn how to transform your profile and mesmerize your contacts.

What Makes a Good WhatsApp DP?

A good WhatsApp DP has some key qualities that make it appealing and attention-grabbing. Here are the main factors that set great DPs apart:

  • Clarity: The DP should be high-quality and crisp, not pixelated or blurry. This gives a good first impression.
  • Composition: Elements should be well-arranged according to photographic principles like the rule of thirds.
  • Lighting: Proper lighting brings out colors and visual interest. DPs with dynamic lighting stand out.
  • Creativity: Unique concepts, poses, props, effects, or styles give a DP originality.
  • Personality: Showcasing your hobbies, loved ones, pets and other personal touches makes a DP relatable.

Keeping these factors in mind elevates a DP from ordinary to extraordinary.

Dos and Don’ts for WhatsApp Display Pictures

When setting a WhatsApp DP, there are certain best practices you should follow:


  • Do choose a high-quality, well-composed photo.
  • Do pick a picture that reflects your personality and interests.
  • Do regularly change your DP to keep your profile dynamic.
  • Do ensure any text is clear and legible.


  • Don’t use blurry, grainy, or pixelated images.
  • Don’t select inappropriate or controversial photos.
  • Don’t keep the same DP for too long.
  • Don’t add too much text that makes the image busy.

Following these dos and don’ts will lead to an appealing, effective WhatsApp DP.

Tips for Taking a Great Selfie DP

One popular DP choice is taking a selfie specifically for your profile. When doing so, these tips will help you get the best shots:

  • Have soft, natural lighting on your face. Side-angled sunlight often looks most flattering.
  • Hold the camera higher and angle it slightly downwards for a more jaw-flattering perspective.
  • Focus on good posture with shoulders back which improves proportions in photos.
  • Zoom in slightly closer to better frame your facial features at a pleasing distance.
  • Take lots of outtakes and select the best photo where your overall look is on point.

With practice, you can learn how to take selfies that make for an eye-catching WhatsApp DP.

“A good profile picture reflects who you are while also enticing people to get to know you better.”

Creative & Unique DP Ideas

Going beyond basic selfies opens up more possibilities for awesome WhatsApp DP photos. Some ideas:

Interests & Hobbies: Showcase an activity you enjoy – reading, sports, baking, travel, etc. This gives contacts a conversation starter.

Pet DP: People go crazy over cute pets. Snapping your furry friend will win you lots of smiles.

Scenery DP: Have a breathtaking vacation photo backdrop be your DP. This also memories special travels.

Artistic Editing: Apps like Snapseed let you apply neat effects. A color pop, drama or vintage look elevates any ordinary photo.

Expressing creativity makes your DP more distinctive and gives people incentive to chat and ask about it.

WhatsApp DP Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common FAQs about WhatsApp display pictures:

How do I change my WhatsApp DP?

Go into WhatsApp Settings > Profile Photo > select a new photo from your phone’s gallery or take an instant photo directly in WhatsApp using the camera icon.

Does my DP notify contacts?

Yes, when you update your profile photo, the new DP is highlighted with a colorful border that contacts see when they next open an active chat with you.

Can I use the same DP for multiple apps?

Absolutely! Coordinating your DP across platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram gives a consistent personal brand.

What photo aspect ratio works best?

WhatsApp recommends using a 1:1 aspect ratio for DPs to optimize display visibility across platforms. The app automatically crops non-square images.

Choosing an engaging WhatsApp DP that aligns with your personal flair takes your profile to the next level and gets more conversations started.


An attractive WhatsApp DP is a vital part of making a great first impression on your contacts. Applying photography best practices makes your DP visually appealing at first glance.

Showcasing your personality gives contacts conversation fodder while a creative concept can spark interesting discussions.

With the tips in this article, you can create a WhatsApp profile pic that enchants anyone who comes across your profile. So tap into your imagination, and happy WhatsAppping!

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