WhatsApp has become an integral part of our lives. It is one of the most popular messaging apps across the world. We use it to stay connected with friends, family, colleagues and more.

WhatsApp allows us to express ourselves through text messages, voice notes, video calls, images, GIFs and more. One unique way we can showcase our personality on WhatsApp is through our display picture (DP).

A DP allows us to give others a glimpse into how we are feeling or what we care about. In recent times, sad and heartbroken WhatsApp DPs have become very popular among youngsters.

Sad and heartbroken WhatsApp DPs are used to showcase feelings of sadness, pain, heartbreak or disappointment. They are especially common among teenagers and young adults going through troubled times in relationships or life.

Setting a sad DP is an indirect way of telling your WhatsApp contacts that you are not doing well emotionally. It elicits care and concern from friends who can then reach out to comfort you. For some, it is just an aesthetic choice rather than an indication of real sadness.

Nevertheless, sad WhatsApp DPs have become a popular way for boys and girls to showcase vulnerability.

In this blog, we will explore some of the common sad WhatsApp DP ideas used by boys and girls.

What are some sad DP ideas for boys on WhatsApp?

Boys generally prefer darker, edgier and melancholic sad DPs to showcase heartbreak or disappointment. Some common ideas include:

  • A black or grey background photo with a broken heart graphic. This indirectly conveys feelings of sadness and pain in love.
  • A sad or crying anime boy character. Anime is hugely popular among youngsters. Anime sad DPs let boys showcase a vulnerable side.
  • Lyrics or quotes about sadness, betrayal, separation or heartbreakoverlayed on a dark background. Linkin Park lyrics are a popular choice for edgy sad DPs.
  • A silhouette of a lone boy sitting or walking in the rain. This evokes a romantic melancholic feeling.
  • A black and white photo of a boy with his head down conveying loneliness or isolation.
  • A sad emotional quote written in the boy’s handwriting over a blank background. It adds a personal touch.
  • A monochromatic photo of a boy from the back gazing at the sea or sky. This gives a thoughtful sad vibe.

What kind of sad DP is popular among girls?

Girls generally prefer softer, delicate and emotional sad DPs compared to boys. Some common sad DP ideas used by girls are:

  • A black and white image of a girl crying, with a tear rolling down her cheek. This is one of the most common sad girl DP motifs.
  • An anime girl character leaning on a window pane and gazing sadly at falling rain. Anime sad girls are hugely popular DP themes.
  • A photo of a rose with falling petals and a broken stem conveys fragility of love and heartbreak.
  • A girl hugging her knees sadly on a beach shore with waves washing over her feet. It showcases vulnerablity.
  • A sad love quote written in beautiful cursive font on a muted background. It adds a touch of delicateness.
  • A blurry photo of a girl sitting alone on a bench in a park or garden. It depicts loneliness.
  • A monochromatic picture of a girl curled up and crying on her bed. Relatable in heartbreak.

Why do youngsters set sad DPs on WhatsApp?

There are several reasons why sad and heartbroken WhatsApp DPs have become very common among youngsters today:

  • Going through rejection or breakup in a romantic relationship. This is one of the main reasons for sad DPs depicting heartbreak.
  • Feeling lonely and having no one to share problems with. Sad DPs express the loneliness and desire for care.
  • Dealing with disappointment, failure or loss – in academics, career, competitions etc.
  • Combating mental health issues like depression, anxiety which lead to sadness.
  • Cope with trauma of abuse, bullying or bereavement in the family.
  • Influenced by the emo culture prevalent among youth inclined towards poetry, music and art.
  • Gain attention and concern from peers, romantic interests or social media followers.
  • Project themselves as deep, emotional or psychologically complex personalities. Dark, melancholic DPs resonate with many youths.

What are some tips for selecting a sad WhatsApp DP?

  • Choose images or graphics that subtly convey sadness or pain instead of being overtly dark.
  • For heartbreak DPs, pick motifs like a broken heart, shattered glass, wilting rose etc.
  • Use filters like black and white, blurry, muted or low brightness to make normal photos look sad.
  • Sad anime character DPs instantly express vulnerability. Pick ones your contacts can relate to.
  • Opt for natural backgrounds like sea, night sky, rain, shadows etc. They set a melancholic mood.
  • Sad quotes or lyrics as DPs should resonate with your inner state. Avoid cheesy or pretentious ones.
  • Take artistic photos yourself conveying sadness instead of using stock images. Makes it more personal.
  • Change your sad DP after some time to more positive one as your mood improves. Don’t get stuck in sadness.

What are some safer alternatives to public sad DPs?

Sharing a sad or vulnerable WhatsApp DP publicly can sometimes backfire. Here are some safer alternatives:

  • Use a sad DP only in specific WhatsApp groups or with close trusted contacts instead of setting it as your default public DP.
  • Convey your sadness subtly through a melancholic nature photo or artistic graphic instead of a literal crying photo.
  • Use WhatsApp privacy settings to control who can see your Profile Photo and Last Seen status to avoid unwanted attention.
  • Share some posts, stories or status updates expressing sadness instead of a constantly sad DP.
  • Switch to default WhatsApp DP and remove any sad public DP if you feel uncomfortable with the attention it is getting.
  • Talk it out directly with close friends you trust instead of vaguely expressing sadness through DP to everyone.
  • Seek professional counseling if sadness persists instead of frequently using sad DPs as a cry for help.

Here are some additional headings and content to continue the blog post:

What kind of captions or quotes can I add to my sad DP?

Captions or quotes added to a sad WhatsApp DP help convey the emotions and feelings behind it. Here are some ideas for sad DP captions:

  • Heartbreak quotes like “My heart was taken, shattered, and broken” for DPs depicting pain from failed relationships.
  • Loneliness quotes like “In a room full of people, I still feel alone” for DPs showcasing isolation.
  • Song lyrics from sad emo tracks that you relate to, like “My shadow’s the only one that walks beside me” (Green Day).
  • Edgy sad quotes like “My soul is forever tainted by my pain” for dark, melancholic DPs.
  • Philosophical quotes about sadness like “Tears come from the heart and not from the brain” (Leonardo da Vinci).
  • Heart-touching quotes like “My silence is just another word for my pain” for delicate sad DPs.
  • Hopeful quotes like “The night is darkest just before dawn” indicating this too shall pass.
  • Avoid generic quotes; pick something personal that conveys your unique emotions and state of mind.

What are some tips for taking an artistic sad DP for myself?

To take an artistic photo yourself as a sad WhatsApp DP, keep in mind:

  • Shoot in black and white or apply a monochrome filter for a somber look.
  • Shoot your silhouette from the back gazing at a landscape. Conveys a thoughtful loner vibe.
  • Take a close up shot of your eyes looking down or away. Captures sadness subtly.
  • Shoot a nature element like a wilting flower or leaf falling from a tree. Evoke fragility.
  • Take a photo of yourself sitting on a swing at night or walking alone through shadows. Gives a melancholic atmosphere.
  • Shoot your hands holding or letting go of an object symbolizing your feelings, like releasing sand.
  • Frame only a part of yourself like your folded knees or leaning shadow. Makes it intriguing.
  • Use natural light through curtains or windows to create soft shadows. Harsh lighting looks artificial.
  • Click spur of the moment candid shots when you are genuinely sad instead of posing. Looks authentic.

How can I comfort a friend who has set a sad DP?

If you notice a friend setting a sad or distressed WhatsApp DP, here are some supportive ways to reach out to them:

  • Send them a kind text message checking in and asking how they are feeling. Don’t be intrusive.
  • Remind them gently that you are there for them if they need to talk about what’s bothering them.
  • Share positive posts, funny memes or uplifting songs to lighten their mood a bit. Avoid being preachy.
  • Video call them and lend a listening ear if they open up about any troubles they are facing. Don’t judge.
  • Spend time together doing small fun activities to provide distraction and cheer them up.
  • Talk to their other close friends too to get insight into their situation if very distressed.
  • Suggest professional counseling if you feel they need help beyond just a sad DP post. Recommend discretely.
  • Keep supporting patiently; don’t pressure them to instantly change sad DP. It takes time to heal.


Setting a sad or heartbroken WhatsApp DP to express vulnerability has caught on widely among youth today. However, it is important to exercise caution while doing so.

Use sad DPs temporarily or selectively with trusted contacts. If sadness persists continuously, seek help from friends, family and professionals instead of getting stuck with a sad DP forever. Stay wise and stay strong.

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